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Colour Theory

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Most Popular Video's

In this play list are a selection of the lost popular video step by step lessons for you enjoyment 



What The Gesso

Whats is gesso, why do we use it ,

what does it do, do I need to use it , do I need to prime a canvas, All these questions answerd in this playlist 

Autum Rain In The Park

Join me in the studio as we paint along together in this autumnal scene over a series of  10 step by step lessons a very popular paint along,  where we try loads of diffrernt techques.



Techniques & Tips

Wahoo don't shy away from this one its full of fantastic hint tips and techniques a must see for a new artist or even an advanced artist you never know when you will learn something new 



First Projects

This playlist offers up challenges to clive to paint in a set time this is a great playlist to attempt at your own pace and fantastic projects to get started in acrylics 



Easy First Painting

Don't shy away from this play list its full of easy step by step lessons for beginners a must watch to start you on the road to painting with acrylics 



Clive Paints,       Bob Ross 

Beach Water & Rocks 

How to paint a CAT

In this class you will learn abou painting an eye and a nose and even a ear of the cat before we go on o the full lesson fur types are also explained a great full course of videos for you to try have fun and grab a brush join me in the studio and pain along in a fun informal manner see you there




How to paint a LANDSCAPE

This course of lesson starts with the planning of a landscape goes through the simple stages of developing a landscape a fun and easy to follow series to help you grow as an artist grab your brush and join me in the studio and let paint step by step together




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Boat on the Beach

This is a lesson not just in painting but the use of mixed media it was originally done for a blind friend of mine I wanted to show in this lesson some different types of techniques join me as we paint and make a great tactile painting 



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Mixed Media Flowers

This is a lesson in the use of different types of mediums and the ability to create a fantastic painting in the process join me in the studio as we bring these elements together and produce a stunning work of art 



Mountain  Rock Face

This is a great play list as we paint this rock face using several techniques along the way its a fun and fulfilling lesson a must to try, grab your brush and paint along 


Trees,Skys,Grass, Mountains

A series of lessons quite simply on Sky,Grass,Mountains,Trees everything you need infact so pop in the studio don't forget my cup of teas an ill see you there 


Fun Play list for Kids

Children play list but fun for all this is a selection of paintings that can be done by or for the children easy to follow step by step instructions join me in the studio and just have fun 



Full Lessons Playlist 

This is full of fun packed step by step lessons for all they are full lessons from start to finish so get a drink grab your brush and join me in the studio for a fun no stress lesson I know you can do it so lets get started 



Featured Playlist

Feature play list is a mix of all the best lessons in abundance full of information and techniques for you to learn 



Podcast this play list is simply me talking in an informative way explaining verbally all you need to know about acrylic paint and how to use it and what you need to understand on how to put all the information in too practice like composition  rule of thirds vanishing point ect 



Q&A Play List 

Q&A this play list is a series of videos where I answer questions from the subscribers it covers a vast amount of subject a must view 



Live Shows from the studio

I am joined in the studio by Dawn and other subscribers where we paint and chat along and discuss many types of subjects 



All about Acylic Paint

Simples All you need to know about acrylic paints 



All about Brushes 

Simples All you need to know about Brushes  



Blending All You Need To Know

This playlist deals with blending full lessons and tip on how to do this simple yet frustrating technique join me in the studio and I'll help you along the way






Dont miss any videos over any year that I have been on youtube click above to veiw that years content have fun clive 

Play Lists being updated Weekly 

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