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Clive5art Acrylic Painting Lessons 

Nurtures, Inspires, Creates, Educates.     


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My aim is to show Novice beginners & intermediates an effective way to use Acrylics using the methods I have learned and taught for over 20 years,  I aim to teach Acrylic Painting Lessons free online to  help you create great works of art you can be proud of.


In a fun envorionment and relaxed manner in my clive5art studio which is brought to you on 


With a Acrylic Painting family group on facebook this gives a great resource to learn and it's totally FREE 


In my opinion, the best way to do this isn’t by just publishing great free step by step Acrylic Painting Lessons in video form  on the clive5art YouTube channel, But with a strategy in place that is intentionally crafted to build and mobilize an Acrylic Painting online art community. 


A message worth spreading to reach the people who need to hear it and improve or start their Acrylic Painting journey.


So the Clive5art website and YouTube channel isn’t just about Clive Powell — it’s about teaching Acrylic Painting in a fun, community spirit  while successfully identifying  my  message and spreading it using online video.

Who is Clive Powell

Who is Clive Powell

Hi my name is Clive Powell and I’ve been active producing and developing videos and audience building online since 2012 as Clive5art. I started with private Acrylic Painting lessons out of a church hall on a Thursday night after increasing pleading I was asked to create some video Acrylic lessons for the students which I did on YOUTUBE as Clive5art it was an easy format for them to watch online.
 Since then my Acrylic lessons have grown online I made a choice to concentrate on the YouTube platform and start to create a small business with the Clive5art lessons to self fund the improvements needed to upgrade all equipment and new studio build a slow process but with the ever growing support from my community I am slowly getting there currently working part time to improve the channel my aim is to work full time creating good video content for the Clive5art Family.

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