Getting Started

Starting acrylic painting is like starting a diet in the new year; you make plans to start and you go out and sign up to your slimming club …((your canvas)) , You go out and buy your slimming food for your diet ((your new brushes)), You go to Starbucks for a coffee and slice of cake because it’s all been too much.


Sound familiar??If you think you’re the only one struggling, think again acrylic is wasy if you give it time.


What are you scared of? 


The biggest stock of art materials are in most people’s cupboards, usually still wrapped.You cant wait to create something and know that it is inside you somewhere but the fear of failure is too great even to make the brush first mark.


Our ability to be creative is just amazing, but with creativity comes fear and anxiety. Learning to paint away that stress of everyday life is my key thought as I sit in the studio spare a thought for me as I have to create new lessons each week for Youtube it is the same as learning to play a musical instrument, or driving a car, and the biggest thing stopping you is the fear it self.


What if everyone laughs?


A blank white canvas can be intimidating and overwhelming, putting yourself in the public eye with family and freinds will attract criticism and rejection, laughed at rather than admired.

So the dilemma is…you want to create, but could do without the creeping worry whenever we begin the creative process.

I can show you how easy it is to follow, step-by step lessons to help you to fulfill your artistic journey.

Choosing a Painting Surface: 

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  • Wendy Taylor (Wednesday, March 10 21 03:01 pm GMT)

    I am an absolute beginner and so far my paintings have turned out fairly ok except one! I can’t get a decent colour for sand ... I know there are various colours to use but I wonder if you can tell me the best or most original.mi have been watching your videos, thank you they are so informative.

  • Linda Langford (Tuesday, December 15 20 06:59 am GMT)

    I saw your video on You Tube Step by Step Acrylic Painting Reeds & Water with Duck. You were spraying something on the canvas as you were painting. What was it?

  • Harini Durbhaka (Monday, November 16 20 01:49 am GMT)

    I saw your video on canvas in YouTube. You explain so well and in detail. I have been looking for a good teacher and found you. Thank you.

  • Tabitha Jones (Sunday, November 08 20 09:31 pm GMT)

    I followed your guidelines on Gessoing the canvas. Painting it on and scraping it off. when I scrape it, it leaves lines, probable because I used to much..? If it dries with some lines, do I sandpaper those down? Also, if I miss a spot, on my 3rd application of Gesso will this show through on my painting? The spots I missed still show the two layers underneath that have gesso on them, and feel smooth; do I still need to touchup those areas?

  • Janet Boas (Friday, October 30 20 03:34 am GMT)

    I’ve been searching for beginning acrylic you tube shows to get started. I came across yours and they are overall the best I’ve found! Thank you! ( I need all the help I can get!) You’re the best!

  • GILLIAN BAKER (Tuesday, July 14 20 08:29 am BST)

    You have been a god send during lockdown Clive, started looking on you tube for inspiration and found you, what a treasure, I have been painting for some time just as a hobby but when lockdown came I seemed to lose enthusiasm but with you I have found it again and am addicted. I have learned a lot, thanks so much

  • Tony (Saturday, July 04 20 10:19 am BST)

    I fully agree with the fear business. Also actually picking up a brush can be daunting too for me. I have drawn in graphite for a long time but still find it hard to pick up a paint brush. Thanks Clive for putting this in print. It it is most helpful and appreciated.

  • shay hannon (Monday, May 25 20 03:25 pm BST)

    hi, i enjoy your tutorials very much, i tried the wheatfield with crows, very much more difficult than it looks! but great fun. Is it possible for you to do a vid lesson on his cafe at night painting ? i am willing to pay for this if you would consider. I have a 50x70cm canvas which i think would suit . i am about to purchase your vincent paint collection.
    many thanks for your lessons and gentle spirit.

    best regards

  • Emily M (Tuesday, May 19 20 02:34 pm BST)

    I recently found your Youtube lessons and find them very valuable. I can't stop watching. Thanks so much for your help.

  • Nancy Boos (Thursday, May 07 20 03:21 am BST)

    What is the cost of a Clive5art subscription, please?

  • Berta (Saturday, May 02 20 09:15 pm BST)

    I painted with oils when young. Want to paint again, rather than only using colored pencils, as I have for a while now. Since I now have grandchildren I prefer not to use toxic oil mediums, which aren't safe for the environment. Just tried the acrylics I bought and they feel like a totally different animal. So thank you for your tutorials. I will watch them all as I experiment. Just wondering if you agree, as oil painters often seem to say, that acrylics can not produce the beauty and depth of oil paints? Also, are acrylic paintings as long lasting? More prone to fading? Again, thank you for your free tutorials on you tube. I could not afford classes now even if it were safe to be out and about. Please excuse long message. Stay well.

  • Krishnan Bhagwandas (Tuesday, April 21 20 06:18 pm BST)

    Hi Clive,
    Serendipitously stumbled on your YouTube lessons today. Dabbled a little with watercolour. Would like to have a crack at acrylic, with your guidance. Thank you.

  • Michele (Saturday, April 11 20 03:57 pm BST)

    Complete beginner here in search of new retirement hobby. Can you direct me to where I can find your tutorials along with a reference photo of what you are painting. It's hard sometimes to freeze the screen to follow along.

  • Janette Davis (Tuesday, February 18 20 09:11 pm GMT)

    Another artist put it this way. My best work is in my future....there are no mistakes just learning events.

  • Gary Duncum (Tuesday, February 18 20 06:19 am GMT)

    Like to learn more

  • Ronald Gaudette (Sunday, February 16 20 08:20 pm GMT)

    Wonderful and inspiring lesson on Vincent Van Gogh, my favorite artist.

  • Atheer Alanbari (Wednesday, February 05 20 12:28 am GMT)

    I love paiting and all you said are my feelings .really your words encouraging me .please just tell me how to start . I have couples of painting I need your opinion

  • alice (Sunday, February 02 20 09:01 pm GMT)

    how do you paint trees in the far away background with acrylic paint

  • Joan Graham (Sunday, January 05 20 06:59 pm GMT)

    Hi Clive
    I got a painting set and canvas last Xmas (2018). It is still there I just used to stare at it .... now I have decided to give it a go so I will be watching watching your lessons for inspiration... thanks

  • Martin Thomas (Monday, December 30 19 05:18 pm GMT)


    Please i am a total Welsh noob at painting and a bit nervous but i will take the plunge,
    just a bit confused about all the different types of additives , like retarder etc etc
    do you think i will need ??

  • Nancy Bright (Monday, September 30 19 04:40 pm BST)

    I really enjoy watching your tutorials. You are a great instructor. You are a great coach and you are witty. That makes you special and irreplaceable!

  • Cynthia Elterman (Thursday, September 05 19 02:54 pm BST)

    love your show, your so supportive to the beginning artist.

  • joan (Monday, August 26 19 10:40 pm BST)

    Hi Clive,
    I have recently found your videos on you tube and I must say that as far as I am concerned you are the my favorite of all the artists I have seen so far. I have subscribed to your channel and so enjoy your teachings. I love the way you go about teaching and spend way too much time watching you on you tube. I originally started with water color and have done a watercolor painting of chickadee which I am proud of. now I want to try another medium. I want to try acrylics but also gouach. keep up the great teaching. cheers

  • Sheila (Saturday, July 27 19 08:10 pm BST)

    Alas I'm so absorbed in watching your videos that I've actually not got around to doing any painting!!!
    At least I'm making a note of the paints etc that you are using in your various videos and making trips to Hobbycraft and The Range with a shopping list. In fact
    I've just sent off my second order to you today - I really must try out the Liquid Clear; the tutorials I've really been taken with are the ones where you've been using it.
    The Range had stocks of the brush you were using for the hair on your rabbit painting - bought a couple yesterday when I was checking out the brushes they had on sale. As soon as I picked one up I thought great for painting grass... they were on special offer as well buy two and get one free!
    BTW it's must have been 50+ years since I last did any painting...

  • Jim (Saturday, June 29 19 07:33 pm BST)

    Starting actylics

  • Carole (Friday, January 25 19 09:03 pm GMT)

    Sorry Clive i meant to say the gray is grinning though the white

  • Carole (Friday, January 25 19 09:00 pm GMT)

    Hi Clive just found you and love the tuition as i have just started to paint, Im doing my sons White and Black cat, and i am having trouble with the white i used a grey block don't ask why i just thought that was right but now i see you have used a blue which makes sense as my mum used blue bags to get the washing white
    the white now grins through is there a rule to back ground block colours HELP!

  • susan sammut (Monday, January 21 19 08:45 pm GMT)

    I have been following you on you tube and would really like to subscribe. I really love your paintings and the way you explain the art lesson. Thanks Sue from Malta

  • LOUISE (Monday, December 10 18 09:09 pm GMT)

    Hi Clive i have just seen your video on 5 tips for acrylic painting amd missed the link for your homemade tip 1. ;-( i am completely new to this and have watched so many videos my head is in a spin as all so different. but i really enjoyed your video as you are straight to the point no try this or that etc etc ;-). so i hit that subscribe button and am just going to learn from you as so far out of all the 100's videos your one was a breath of fresh air you get straight to it explain it so short sweet and to the point and no added frills or waffling about 100 products you could use ie instead of flowtroel use glue oh & you can use hair serium or silicone or wd40 ahhh for a complete beginner i have brought so many different things i have no idea what to use with what anymore ;-) I'M SO CONFUSED.COM ;-)

  • Stephanie R Mathews (Thursday, November 29 18 09:19 pm GMT)

    great tutorials. I feel inspired, thank you clive

  • sherri (Thursday, November 08 18 03:24 pm GMT)

    I am a beginner and started watching your videos, you are awesome. BTW love your accent, with the sense of humor brings me back also. Thank you

  • Bill Aitkenhead (Monday, July 16 18 08:45 pm BST)

    hello Clive. I have been studiously following you on a daily basis for a couple of years. I occasionally miss one day every now and again. However I appear to have lost all your tutorials . The Monday shows for example just stopped. Are you okay and how do I get back into your superb tutorials. Best wishes

  • Jim Stahle (Monday, June 18 18 10:40 pm BST)

    I have watched many of your videos and they are very helpful. Thank you for being such a good teacher. If we donate is it a monthly amount or one time. Looking for clarification.

  • Brian Henry (Monday, May 07 18 11:59 pm BST)

    Looking forward to painting along with you.

  • jen (Saturday, April 28 18 09:26 pm BST)

    Looking forward to all of the videoa.

  • Judi (Saturday, April 28 18 12:35 pm BST)

    Confused with the mediums

  • Deirdre (Monday, April 09 18 09:27 pm BST)

    Hi Clive..I am an absolute beginner at 66 years old...I find your lessons so easy to follow and love your sense of humour...

  • Shoetattoos (Thursday, April 05 18 09:21 pm BST)

    Clive, you're a star. I've been painting for three years and people say I'm good but I taught myself by just having a go, so there's still loads for me to learn. I love your tips and tricks, you're funny, clear and I like you. I've got a sieve in my water pot and a load of upcycled canvases now. Thank you.

  • Bill (Monday, April 02 18 12:53 pm BST)

    I’m a 73 year old beginner in Florida. I truly enjoy your lessons and find them helpful.
    I do have trouble with depth in landscapes. Thanks for your help.

  • Liz Mchenry (Sunday, March 25 18 05:13 am BST)

    I couldn’t find the tin you use on your channel that holds your water, soap,and brushes Is that available on your website?

  • Cynthia Snow (Saturday, February 17 18 01:09 am GMT)

    Clive I watched two videos of yours that I would like to try. Where do I find the traceables

  • Doris (Thursday, February 08 18 03:30 am GMT)

    I worry about depth in a landscape painting

  • Kimberly (Monday, January 15 18 09:19 pm GMT)

    How do u find your drawings for your paintings. Step by step.

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